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September 23, 2012
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MM - Magnum Cross by froznkamui MM - Magnum Cross by froznkamui

Full Name:
Magnum Kurosu (can also be read as Cross)


8 August

Height :
5' 4" (163 cm)

Weight :
114 lbs ( 52 kg )


Year Level:
Year Two , Transfer Student

Steel Gloves
- He tends to hit everything around him when he's angry, that’s why he used this gloves not only as a weapon but also a protective gear for him.

Strength Arcana

Arcana Rank:
Rank 1



- Cream Soup
- People whom he considered as a friend
- His cousin
- Football
- Any kind of fruits

- Flirty girl
- People who hurt his friends
- Onions
- Math books

He likes to show off his strength and claimed himself as a delinquent, but actually he’s an obedient student and a pretty nice guy. He’s too shy to talk to girls and in fact bad at words, it's need some time to get used talking with one girl. He also tend to express his shyness with anger, and makes the girls labeled him as a bad-tempered person.

Despite all of that, he can be so furious when others step into things that they shouldn’t know. When he goes berserk, expect one or two casualties. But there’s also an other factors, like his friend being betrayed or bullied. He’s very loyal to his friends.
When it comes to a male, he is really a straightforward person, the way he's talking is just too straightforward that sometimes people find it rude, even though he never meant it. He's also an easy-going person who loves anything funny or interesting without thinking that he could get into trouble. He's kinda perverted a bit, but not that hardcore just in a normal way, he's still a virgin anyway.

- Raw strength
- Stamina
- Natural stupid
- Field sports
- Good in fist fight

- Bad with math and english
- High Place
- Animals
- Cold weather
- Reckless

Born in the mid-class family, his father is Japanese and his name is Yamato Kurosu while his mother is American and her name is Sally Cross. The father was a tamiya freak, so he naming his son with Magnum, the same name as his personal modification tamiya. The family from his father side had a complaint about Magnum’s name, because it doesn’t fit with their culture. Knowing this problem, the family from his mother step into this matter. After a long debate , the father’s family give up and accepted Magnum’s name, in exchange their second child must be named with Japanese name.

The real problem began to shows up when Magnum reached the age to enter the school. Because of his name, he often get teased and bullied by his classmates. Especially about his appearance who looks like a foreigner, but can’t speak english at all. The worse problem happened at his 5th grade, he punched his classmate because he can’t stop his anger anymore and it forced him to get a suspension.

In the junior high school, his habit seemed to calm down, even though sometimes he got teased by his friends, it doesn’t really bother him anymore. He joined the soccer club and became the first team in his first year. His talent in soccer really good, he and his team managed to win the regional soccer tournament among junior high school three times. When graduated, he got a recommendation into Ouran High School. This school has been know as one of prestigious and high class school, it's so hard to enter this school , unless you got recommendation or from rich family.

In the first year, he continue his soccer hobby and working hard to became the first team. Only in three months, he joined the first team and succesfully bring the team to win another regional tournament.
Everything was fine until something happened on his 2nd year of high school. The captain of his team didn't come to the match, and it makes Magnum worried. So he's searching throughout the city and finally found his captain are being beaten by thugs. Without delay, Magnum was rushing to help him, and get into a fight with them. Finally they managed to beat them but they also suffered from damage. Because of this, their soccer team is lose by one point only. Later, they know the thugs are from the same school with their opponent that day, also the rumour about two of Ouran's team member get into a fight with another school, makes the school staff uneasy.

So, they give Magnum a recommendation to pick any school, in exchange he must transferred to another school before someone from PTA digging up this matter.
Magnum's friends was really disappointed by the school decision, however Magnum keeps calm and didn't feel troubled at all because he knew , he was doing the right thing on that day.
After having a farewell party, Magnum said he was going to Higashimori High School to continue his soccer, also looking forward to meet them again in soccerfield, this time as an opponent.


- Actually he liked his name but too embarassed to admit it.
- Like father like son, he secretly admire his father's hobby
- Has a difficulty in remembering people's names and often mistake one person for another.
- Surprisingly, able to sing quite well.
- He has a certain love for pizza

RP Item
:bulletred:1x Mara Wand
:bulletred:1x Gift of an Avatar
:bulletred:1x Old Map
:bulletred:1x Miracle Berry
:bulletred:1x Zombie Skin
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